Are You Emotionally And Financially Crushed By Your Trading?
Sick And Tired Of All The Hype And "Strategies" Out There That Have No Edge In Real Trading?

Do You Feel There Must Be A Way To Cash In On Daily Market Moves But You Can’t Figure It Out?

If your answer is “YES”, to any or all questions, keep reading , because what you’re going to learn will change it!

This is different than all those strategies that you found on forums and Youtube, indicators, trading signals, forex robots, and other scams out there…

In the next few minutes, you will discover the essence of highly profitable price action trading, seeing it in practice, and use the same system to ride big market moves like a pro…

But before I tell you more, let me share with you who I am and why I decided to share this message with YOU…

Hi, my name is Michal Kocis, and I am a professional futures trader and the founder of There is nothing special about me, I didn’t go to prestigious school, I have no special financial education or background nor do I have access to insider information.

And yet I make trades like this… 

Or This

Or This

On a daily basis...

...and consistently rake in thousands of dollars in weekly profits almost effortlessly. For example, in 2019, I made $136k in profit, and so far in 2020 I’ve made $145k in profit.

I personally know traders who make MILLIONS with the same system, and my compared with them profits are not huge. But it allows me to live a good life, do what I love to do, and continuously grow my trading account. In fact, I am currently in the evaluation phase and will probably soon manage a 7-figure account for a private investor...

The Key To Successful Trading Is Having A Mentor!

I started trading in 2011 after an ad from a forex Broker sparked my attention, and I opened a demo account. I saw the charts, moving price action and quotes and I immediately fell in love with it… 

After studying some basics, I opened my first trade. And it was a winner. The second trade was also a huge winner and I was hooked…

But consequent trades quickly taught me that it wasn’t as straightforward way to wealth and freedom as it first seemed…

So I bought a couple of books about trading, read hundreds of articles and watched all the videos on Youtube and I thought I knew all I needed to know…

But when I tried all the techniques and indicators and everything I learned in those books and on those forums and videos, nothing seemed to work consistently. I was struggling as a trader for four more years!

Then I met my mentor...

It was 2015 and I met him accidentally in a pub through a common friend. His name was Martin.
We started talking a little and he mentioned that he worked from home and that he was a trader. My heart jumped, when I heard that and I told him that I also traded.   
He asked me how I was doing and I told him that I was in the learning phase. Then he asked me if I had a strategy? 
I said yes, and I told him about my strategy. 
Martin seemed to be a bit amused and told me that he would give me some tips…
And then – in less than 4 minutes – he gave me the 3 secret rules that he based his strategy on. It was just a quick overview, but it was extremely helpful. 
At the time I didn’t know how powerful they were and that following those rules would make me hundreds of thousands of dollars…
We exchanged numbers, and stayed in contact and later we became good friends.

Martin continued to share a lot of golden information with me every time we talked about trading. For example: 

How to set up my charts the right way,

​What information and signals to watch for in the price action,

When to trade and when not to trade,

How to manage my risk properly, and

​When to aim for a homerun moves and when to book small profits. And much more...

He also recommended other resources that I could use to start making money in a short time. 
And he gave me a great advice to trade for a prop trading firm with their capital, not my own savings!
He literally changed my life, and I will be forever grateful to him…

Consistent Profits From Trading Changed Everything!

I started applying everything I learned from Martin and in a short time, I was making relatively consistent profits. First on a demo and then with a real account. 
The advice from this millionaire trader worked like a charm in day trading and soon I was able to get a funded account from a prop trading firm…
It was one of the best feelings in my life when I realized that I could quit my job, and fully dedicate myself to day trading.
In less than a year, my income from trading was more than double that of my job!
Since 2015 my work looks like this: 

Everyone Can Be A Profitable Trader, But Most People Don’t Even Know About This Option!

The financial market is a gold mine with enormous potential. But only if you know how to dig up that gold! 
Most people either don’t know how or are held back by their prejudices…
They say things like: 

As Warren Buffett said:

“Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.”

I was naive when I first started trading. But if I had held prejudices and negative beliefs like the ones above, I would be still doing something I wasn’t passionate about, making little money and complaining about how unfair life is…
But I learned that when you know exactly what you’re doing, it’s easy to make money from the markets…
In fact, trading is full of paradoxes and one of them is:
The more easily you approach it, the more money you make…
Just learn where to enter a trade and how to move with the market flow, and you have a license to print money!
When I became a successful trader… 

My Friends Started Asking Me For Advice About How To Make Money In Trading

I realized that while there is a massive amount of information about trading in the mainstream media (Youtube, Google), it’s easy to tell that most people and companies that produce that content are not real traders…
I can tell this from just a glance on their charts, their tips and by how wrong their predictions are…
The people that are producing that content have an agenda and it has nothing to do with making you a successful trader. Often it is the opposite!
Here’s the worst part: Almost all new traders are exposed to that misleading content first!
Let me explain why it is a problem… 

Have you ever heard about priming? In psychology it is a phenomenon in which exposure to certain stimulus influences how a person responds to a subsequent, related stimulus.
When your brain is primed with certain information you believe that that’s how you should trade, that’s how your charts should look, those are the indicators you should be using, etc.
When you “learn how to trade” from market maker brokers (online casinos) who take the other side of your trades and want you to lose money with them, or from their partners who often have no trading experience – let alone being profitable – you’re basically primed for failure.
Countless pages in Google and YouTube are filled with that kind of content. So new traders have very little chance to learn how to trade the right way, which is – from professional traders!
Now you know why 95% of traders who are trying to learn on their own are losing money. They think they know how to trade, but they don’t… 

You might be one of them if you're trading with charts that look like this:

Do your charts look like this one? If so, are you a consistently profitable trader? I bet the answer is no... In just a minute you’re going to learn why...

You Need A Simple, Easy, And Profitable Trading Strategy You Can Execute Without Confusion

You need to be a casino operator, not a gambler in the casino… If you’re trading with multiple indicators on your chart you’re a gambler without even realizing it…
I know how it feels to struggle in the beginning of a learning process when I didn’t know what I was doing.
I also know how it feels to rack in thousands of dollars in consistent profits from the markets when I learned trading the right way. I do that almost every day…
Those are two different worlds, and the difference is only in your knowledge!
Because once you know how to trade correctly, everything changes!
I want to help new traders overcome the long learning period and rapidly improve their trading results in just days!
So, for a limited time I decided to reveal my trading system, which makes me more money in a month than most people on a planet make in a year!
In the last six months, I’ve created something unique – a blueprint where I explain in detail, via texts and clear screen videos, my trading system and strategy and show you how I am trading it live…
I’ve made more than $470,000 in profits with this exact day trading system since 2015!
And now you can trade the same way!

My Complete Day Trading System

You Will Learn Techniques I'm Using To Make $500-$1000 A Day With 2-5 Good Trades In Just One Market!

You can be making profitable trades while other traders are waiting for the “textbook pattern” they saw somewhere on the internet, like a breakout or moving average crossover to appear on their charts…. 

The Intelligent Trader contains seven easy-to-follow modules in which you’ll learn the only profitable day trading system you’ll ever need to become a consistently profitable day trader.

Here’s just some of what you’ll discover in the different modules:

Plus so much more...

You will also get access to all future system updates free of charge. (It will be more expensive for members who will come later)

You will also get one month of personal support from me to ensure, that you understand the strategy completely and that you can apply it successfully.

With THE INTELLIGENT TRADER System You Will Have EVERYTHING You Need To Make Consistent And Exponential Profits In Trading!

After completing this course, you should be able to make 10% or even 20% monthly profits on your trading capital.

And if you don’t have trading capital, it’s not a problem. Once you’ll learn to trade with this system you should be able to get a $150,000 or even $250,000 account to trade from TopStepTrader or OneUpTrader!

Imagine making just 10% monthly profit on a $150k account, which would be $15k a month! Would that change your life for the better?

But the best part is this. Once you are consistently profitable (and let people know), you will be getting offers from private investors and hedge funds to manage their capital, or to become a signal provider. I know, because I and some of my students and friends who are professional traders are getting these offers!

You probably have one question now…

“What’s My Investment To Get Started?”

Look, in the right hands, this trading system is worth millions. Seriously…
This is exactly how big players make big money in trading. It’s proven by me and others who are trading the same way and are consistently profitable.

The profit potential alone should make it clear that you’re looking at a value of at least thousands of dollars…
But consider its value from a different perspective…

It takes 7-10 years(!) on average to become a profitable trader if you’re trying to learn on your own, without a mentor…
Let’s call it seven years. That’s 2555 days…

If you only invest two hours a day in your trial-and-error trading, that’s 5110 hours!
How much is ONE HOUR of your TIME currently worth? $10? $20 or more? If it’s just $10 then you’re looking at $50,000+ tuition fee. Did I mention that you can lose lot of money trading if you don’t know where to enter and exit the market?

The knowledge in this course will help you massively reduce that learning curve and will make you profitable trader.
My friends suggested I should charge $1500 for this day trading system!
And I probably will, soon…

But since it is the first time I’m offering it, I want to get some feedback from people… I decided to allow few early bird slots at a massively discounted price which will be soon increased.
You can get The Intelligent Trader system for a one-time investment of $199… 

Grab one of these early bird slots right now!

The Intelligent Trader

Your purchase is covered by my bulletproof guarantee!

Which means that if you don’t fully understand or know how to apply the knowledge and concepts from this course, I will provide all the necessary information and support to the point of complete satisfaction with no additional payment.

Look what some traders who already tried this system says:

I want to hear from you about your success story too!

But I want to be honest with you. This course is not for everyone. Day trading is not for everyone…

This offer is NOT for you if:

You’re looking for a quick way to get rich. Yes, you can get rich using these techniques, but it won’t be overnight. You need to make a large series of good trades to become rich and it requires a disciplined approach.
You have an extremely busy life and can’t dedicate at least two hours a day to the markets.

​You want to try something for a day and give up without asking for help.

Why am I telling you this?  Because I only like to work with people who are fully committed to become successful in trading. If you are not in that state right now, it’s probably not for you…

this offer IS for you if:

You have a strong desire to become a trader, take full control over your life, and make money from the comfort of your home.

​You’re a trader who wants to pass the evaluation at Oneuptrader or Topsteptrader and trade with prop firm’s capital. (This strategy is literally tailored and proven for that purpose)

​You are already trading, but you’re still not profitable. This will make you a consistently profitable trader.

You want to gain a new perspective and take your trading to the next level.

If you say, “This is for me, I love trading and I want to become a pro,”… then you can be sure of one thing: I will do my very best to to help you become a profitable trader.
So take advantage of my trading experience and let me show you the intraday trading strategy that can make you $1000’s in a weekly profits.
Tap on the button below to secure this offer right now and I’ll welcome you on the other side as a new member of The Intelligent Trader…

The Intelligent Trader

This is the lowest price you’ll ever see and I am planning to raise it soon! If you come to this page in a few days and The Intelligent Trader course is priced $997 or more, you’ll know this special offer is gone forever… So get access right now.

If You Want To Be A Successful Trader, The Way I See It, You Only Have Two Options!


You can ignore everything I said and continue losing money without a strategy and suffer in the costly school of hard knocks. (Very expensive and slow) Or you can choose…


You can take this chance and start using a proven system developed by a professional day trader and start making the same money as me and others who are trading this way and living a great life. (inexpensive and quick) 

So don’t miss this chance and get instant access right now.

The Intelligent Trader


Q: Which markets can I trade with this strategy?

A: I successfully trade Nasdaq (MNQ) and crude oil (CL) futures with this strategy. It works best for Nasdaq. But you can use it for other liquid and volatile markets, like forex, maybe even cryptocurrencies.

Q: How many signals will I get in a day with The Intelligent Trader System?

A: You will get between 2-7 signals per day if you’re a day trader!

Q: Can I use this for scalping and long- term trading?

A: Yes, this system is excellent for scalping when you zoom in to smaller timeframes andlong-term trading if you use larger timeframes. But it’s designed specifically for catching larger intraday moves.

Q: Can I be successful as a part-time trader using this system?

A: This is an intraday trading strategy based on a premise that you will watch the market and act on trading opportunities during active trading hours. That being said, there usually is some meat left on the bone after active trading hours and you can still catch some a move or two after you come home from your main job. Especially if you live in Europe. But again, it’s best for full-time traders.

Q: How easy is this system to implement? Is it suitable for a complete beginner?

A: Relatively easy. It may take you couple of days to get used to a new trading approach, but once you get it, you’ll have a license to print money. Yes, it is suitable for beginners too (even though it doesn’t cover absolute basics), because you will learn to trade the right way, right from the start!

Q: Can you give me support if I need it?

A: Yes, of course! I am always here to help you if needed. That’s why I’m here!.

Have more questions? Contact Me!

…The secret of success is taking ACTION. Those who can seize the opportunity when it emerges (also in trading) are those who are successful and have everything. You have found something that works. Now that you have what it takes, put it to use and start living the kind of life that you always wanted. Isn’t this the best time to change your life? Good luck and trade well!
Best regards, 


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